Whether you have a fleet of trucks, a marina full of boats or a construction site, you all have one thing in common; You need fuel. Most operations use diesel fuel for their vehicles, however, MobileFleetFueling.com was designed for you to search for all fuel types such as diesel fuel, marine fuel, aviation fuel, propane and gasoline.

Whichever fuel type you need, you can find it here. Our platform can find an on-site fueling service in your local area quickly and efficiently. In most cases, you can even compare fuel prices instantly.

If you are new to on-site fueling and haven’t decided if it’s right for you, here are a few pros and cons to help you decide.

On-site Fueling Pros

If your business is operating heavy equipment on individual job sites and you have trucks delivering this equipment, it makes perfect sense to have an on-site fueling service fill each piece of equipment prior to the start of the work day. It would also be a benefit to have a separate tank on each job site in the event you needed more fuel.

The same goes if you have a fleet of trucks. Filling trucks at a local station or a public gas station along the way to your destination can be costly. Most stations are not built to have large trucks entering and exiting, plus they are public stations so drivers have to maneuver around residential vehicles and people.

When adding up the cost factors of using public gas stations and the time it takes, your fleet manager should be able to break down the differences in cost of hiring a mobile fleet fueling service versus paying high salaried drivers to fuel their own trucks.

The main benefit of utilizing an on-site fueling service is to save money. When negotiating a fuel contract or simply paying as needed, you can save on fuel costs, but the real savings comes into play when your fleet is fueled up and ready to go when your drivers get to work. They just need to start the truck and hit the road. No wasted time looking for a diesel fuel station along their route or stopping at a local truck stop.

On-site Fueling Cons

If you are building out your own on-site fueling facility, there could be several cons such as liabilities, environmental laws, fuel purchasing issues and more. As far as hiring a fuel supplier to deliver your diesel fuel, we will skip the part above regarding your own fueling facility.

There are not too many cons to speak of when hiring an on-site diesel fuel service. The main question boils down to costs. We’ve established that it is too expensive to have drivers stop and fill their vehicles and it’s less productive as it takes time out of the work day rather than having a truck fueled up and ready to go.

The only issue comes down to price of the fuel. Since MobileFleetFueling.com was designed to compare fuel prices, it gives your fleet manager the ability to negotiate prices much easier than before. Most fleet managers hire a fuel service and sign a long-term contract. Now, you can see current diesel fuel prices online instantly which enables you to negotiate much better. You may not even need a contract so you can select a new fuel service at any time and that can bring down your fuel cost dramatically.

Diesel fuel prices are important to any business but it should not be the only deciding factor when hiring a mobile fleet fueling service. Ideally, they should be reliable, professional, safe and have reasonable fuel prices.

There are several different types of on-site diesel fuel service providers. For these purposes, we will focus on two of them.

  1. Nationwide Diesel Fuel Service providers – These are large companies or have a network of companies that can deliver your diesel fuel around the country. They can offer various types of services such as fuel management software, use fuel cards, offer different fuel types, supply DEF fluids and more. These large companies will most likely carry a heavier price for their fuel, but the service they offer can still outweigh the issues of fueling your fleet on your own. Ideally, your fleet manager should audit the costs of self-fueling and compare to the offerings of a large supplier.
  2. Local Diesel Fuel Delivery Service - If you do not need a nationwide service, you can find many local on-site diesel fuel providers who are very reliable and professional. They are also small companies so they are willing to negotiate price much easier to gain your business. Local diesel fuel delivery in most cases is an expansion of their home heating fuel delivery business. They are well equipped and are able to easily manage fueling your vehicles whether they are on a construction site, at your building or yard or a boat in a marina. They also work on smaller margins which can save you a bundle in diesel fuel costs.

Whichever diesel fuel service you need, you can certainly find it here on MobileFleetFueling.com.